King Kong - How High Can You Go?

Alex “King” Kong came into the final with little more than a chip and a chair, but he’s just taken a big step toward making a comeback with a better-than-quadruple up.

After Wagner opened to 50,000 from UTG with pocket nines, Guthrie decided to make a tight fold of pocket jacks to this single raise but it worked out for him as Kong was waiting behind to call his 43k stack off with pocket aces!

Olympios and Gruszczynski also called with 6h 6c and 8h 7s respectively and the three active players checked down the Qh 5d Kc 8s Qd board, leaving Kong to win most of the pot with aces-up. He’s back to 200,000 – 10 Big Blinds and may not be done just yet…

The small side pot goes to Wagner with pocket nines. Here’s how that hand leaves the chipstacks:

Liperis – 1,700,000

Wagner 1,100,000

TIghe 1,100,000

Chung 866,000

Guthrie 658,000

Gruszczynski 611,000

Olympios 560,000

Hurri  414,000

Kong 200,000

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