King Jari Reigns


Jari Hurri is an unstoppable force of nature right now. The poker gods are certainly giving him a helping hand however.

Every time we visit the Finn, he has pocket Kings and 2 other players are all-in!

The unfortunate recipients of his sequence of cowboys this time were Perica Pavic-Nikolic, who made a shortstack jam with Qd 8d, and Jarkko Suokas, who isolated with pocket queens.

Hurri woke up with pocket kings behind, made the call and duly scooped the pot over the 3h 7c 6d Tc 5d board, busting two players.

One of his tablemates admonished him for getting kings too many times. “I know,” he shrugged, mildly embarrassed at his good fortune, but Hurri has seen enough poker to know these things go around in cycles. You just have to get on and make the most of it when fortune smiles on you.

Good luck Jari!

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