Kilian Kramer Wins MPNPT Vienna (€50,000)

Ladies and gentlemen, this MPNPT Vienna Main Event is in the bag! As glorious victor Kilian Kramer hoists his trophy and rolls around in piles of money (metaphorically speaking), it’s time for us to reflect on what has been in all respects a corker of a poker festival.

The €550 + €50 unlimited re-entry NLH Main Event drew 543 entries over the two start days – so many that the Montesino casino in Vienna’s fashionable Gasometer district was filled to absolute capacity with a mix of online qualifiers, keen locals and international poker nomads. Among those who graced the field were many familiar faces, including Surinder Sunar, David Lappin and Dara O’Kearney.

The mammoth field generated a prizepool of €271,500, and a total of 62 places paid out, ranging from €1,100 for a min-cash right up to the mouthwatering €50,000 that Kilian Kramer gets to take home tonight.

It wasn’t just about the Main Event, either. Side events included the €1,000 + €100 High Roller event – incidentally chopped by Dara O’Kearney – as well as the €20,000 guaranteed MPNPT Austria Poker Cup, the doubles event and several turbo events, and the ever-popular Playstation FIFA Challenge in the bar. Schnitzel wars were fought in the excellent casino restaurant, and players were also treated to what turned into a pretty wild party at the bowling alley – we understand that the prosecco flowed from bowling pin-shaped bottles until the wee hours and beyond.

By Sunday afternoon, though, hangovers receding, all eyes turned back to the Main Event. The bubble had already burst midway through Saturday’s Day 2 – Michael Welland ended up occupying the unluckiest spot, although his pain was mitigated by the gift of a seat to MPNPT Malta in April – and incidentally, in a rare example of karma doing its thing, the first player in the money, Severin Schleser, was the same guy who bubbled this event last year. Pleasing.

By the start of the final day, just 14 players remained, with WSOPE finalist Kilian Kramer in the lead. A flurry of early eliminations meant that within just a couple hours, the field had whittled itself down to a final table, with Kramer by now in second place, the chip lead having been snatched by Day 1a chip leader Artur Yarovoy. All hopes of a swift denouement to the tournament, however, would be dashed – it would be more than 10 hours before a winner was crowned.

The final table:

Seat Name   Nationality Chips
1 Adem Marjanovic AUT 1,037,000
2 Juraj Valasky SVK 1,872,000
3 Ben Middleton ENG 1,492,000
4 Zdenko Slavik SVK 748,000
5 Kilian Kramer GER 2,837,000
6 Johannes Hubalek AUT 757,000
7 Andrius Chmieliauskas LIT 377,000
8 Marko Maher SLO 1,304,000
9 Artur Yarovoy RUS 3,151,000

Zdenko Slavic busted in ninth place within minutes, smacking A-Q into Johannes Hubalek’s A-K; it was several hours before the next bustout, that of Adem Marjanovic in eighth, took place. Johannes Hubalek, who’d been responsible for the elimination of Zdenko Slavic, was himself the next to depart in seventh place, running pocket nines into Andrius Chmieliauskas’ pocket tens; some time later, Chmieliauskas was also responsible for Marko Maher becoming our sixth place finisher with K-9 versus Chmieliauskas’ A-5.

Artur Yarovoy, chip leader when the final began, was next to depart in fifth place, pushing with A-7 over a raise from Kilian Kramer. Kramer called with K-Q which made a straight, and Yarovoy was gone. How the mighty have fallen. Fourth place went to Juraj Valasky, who got rather unlucky when his A-J was outdrawn by Chmieliauskas’ J-8. Chmieliauskas claimed another scalp, and then there were three.

They remained three for more than three hours, the chip lead changing several times, although Kramer did seem to occupy the top spot for the majority of that. Eventually Andrius Chmieliauskas succumbed in third place, his A-T getting outdrawn by Ben Middleton’s highly speculative J-2, and Kramer and Middleton went heads up, Middleton now with a slight chip advantage.

It would still be an hour and a half before the tournament yielded a winner. The heads up match was aggressively and closely fought, both players taking their turn at the top, and the blinds had reached the dizzying 200k/400k level before Kramer finally overcame his opponent to win the €50,000, the trophy, and a place in MPNPT history. It is worth noting that the near 11-hour final took its toll on the rail – the casino bar managed to run out of vodka, largely the work of an enthusiastic and dedicated rail.

As our winner, railers and staff stumble out into the icy Vienna night, all that is left is for us to thank all at the Montesino and the MPNPT for a glorious, memorable festival. We’ll be back in somewhat sunnier climes this April 27-30 when we’ll be enjoying the blue skies and balmy nights at MPNPT Malta. Qualifiers are running now across the Microgaming Poker Network – see you there!

Full payouts:

Place Name   Prize
1 Kilian Kramer € 50,000
2 Ben Middleton € 37,500
3 Andrius Chmieliauskas € 27,000
4 Juraj Valasky € 20,320
5 Artur Yarovoy € 13,960
6 Marko Maher € 10,790
7 Johannes Hubalek € 8,160
8 Adem Marjanovic € 5,530
9 Zdenko Slavic € 4,080
10 Arjan van den Berg € 3,290
11 Marek Tatar € 3,290
12 Dani Brandsoy € 3,290
13 Josef Bartalos € 2,630
14 Arjan Van den Berg € 2,630
15 Tomasz Pajak € 2,630
16 Keimo Suominen € 2,090
17 Krisztian Arvai € 2,090
18 Josef Gulas € 2,090
19 Sandor Korodi € 1,750
20 Michal Jurgielewicz € 1,750
21 Henry Rantanen € 1,750
22 Jerome Negro € 1,750
23 Stanislav Semenov € 1,750
24 Andrej Desset € 1,750
25 Karl Rosengard € 1,750
26 Stefan Vagner € 1,750
27 David Lappin € 1,750
28 Konstantin Hammermüller € 1,550
29 Sebastian Pauli € 1,550
30 Jürgen Resch € 1,550
31 Kristof Papp € 1,550
32 Mezei Antal € 1,550
33 Robert Schulz € 1,550
34 Radoslav Kopec € 1,550
35 Sean McCarthy € 1,550
36 Mario Juste € 1,550
37 Tomasz Sumek € 1,380
38 Aziz Maged € 1,380
39 B. P. € 1,380
40 Hubert Baran-Osinski € 1,380
41 Franz Wilcek € 1,380
42 Pavel Osipenko € 1,380
43 William Dorey € 1,380
44 Christian Robisch € 1,380
45 Artur Zmarzly € 1,380
46 Philipp Ruthard € 1,230
47 Jari Hurri € 1,230
48 Gareth Herbert € 1,230
49 Bueno Francisco Arce € 1,230
50 Anne Meri € 1,230
51 Shmuel Lantzman € 1,230
52 Markus Hofer € 1,230
53 Bojan Nikolic € 1,230
54 Angus Dunnington € 1,230
55 Andreas Reichel € 1,100
56 David Von Schneher € 1,100
57 Jozsef Liszkovics € 1,100
58 Milan Milincic € 1,100
59 Richard Clarke € 1,100
60 Ferenc Szabo € 1,100
61 Dzimitry Rabotkin € 1,100
62 Severin Schleser € 1,100

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