Khlifi's Light Fades, Suokas' Waxes

Ayoub Khlifi was just eliminated by Jarkko Suokas, who delivered a dramatic one-two punch to KO his opponent.

The first blow saw them war preflop after Suokas had raised in late position. Khlifi committed himself from the blinds and the pair were all in. The card revelation was not good news for Khlifi who tabled Ks Qd – dominated by Suokas’ As Kc.

The board of Jc 6s 6h 5h 9d left Suokas claiming the pot with ace-high whilst a desperate Khlifi had a mere 2,700 to his name.

The very next hand Suokas raised to 5,200 with his new stack of 70,000 or so. Khlifi called alin for his remaining pittance but suddenly Mateusz Moolhuizen in the blinds decided to get involved – three-betting to 17,000.

Suokas wasted little time in pushing all his remaining chips into the middle – Moolhuizen mucked quickly and once more Khlifi was forced to turn over an inferior hand – Ks 2d this time to the rushing Suokas’ pocket aces.

An ace duly hit the board to leave Khlifi scrabbling on the ledge of elimination, his fingernails rapidly losing purchase.

The board ran out As 8d Kh 4c 5d and that confirmed his plummet to tournament oblivion. Suokas however is having a stomping morning – up to over 100,000. “That’s the kind of start I was looking for,” commented tablemate Richard Clarke (pictured) with a touch of envy.


Richard Clarke


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