Kelsall Leaves in Hurri Via the Backdoor

Mark Kelsall was unfortunate to lose a huge pot as we approach the latter stages of the day.

Battling with Finn Jari Hurri, a regular on the European Poker Tour in what looked like it was a preflop war, we joined the board on the turn of a Th 6d 4c 9h board – Hurri with Ah Qh for the nut flush draw and Kelsall with pocket Kings.

The 3h river changed the picture though – a deflated Kelsall letting out a sigh of frustration as his tournament journey was brought to an abrupt, crushing end. He gathered his belongings sadly, understandably bemoaning his misfortune to a nearby friend.

Hurri however looked pretty pleased with his lot – this 150,000 pot boosting him to close to the head of proceedings. He sipped his beer with calm and equanimity. “I don’t like the tapwater here much,” he told us with a smile though. There’s always something to find fault with if you look hard enough!

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