Keimo Therapy

“That guy’s going to win the tournament,” one of the Finns whispered to me a little while ago, indicating Keimo Suominen. At the time Suominen was down to around 80k, and I put this optimism down to the general tipsiness of aforementioned Finn. However, I just witnessed Suominen double up two hands in a row, and now that he’s sitting on well over 300k, his fellow countryman’s prediction no longer looks so far-fetched.

The first double up saw Suominen’s aces hold against Clint Sammut’s pocket queens to up the Finn’s stack to around 150k. The very next hand, Suominen’s pocket kings appeared to be in trouble against Jacob Nielsen’s aces, until a 4-7-4-K-3 board delivered him a winning full house and another double up. Suominen will no doubt be enjoying his dinner break rather more than he might have, knowing that he’ll be returning to a very playable stack.

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