Keimo Therapy Cures Modans of Chip Advantage

An outrageous bluff from Keimo Suominen has robbed Davis Modans of his massive chip lead – could it ultimately rob him of the title?

Keimo Suominen raised with Jd-2c and Modans flat-called with the dominating Js-Qd. Modans check-called bets from Suominen down every street of the 3d-4s-3s-Qc-Kh board, until the river wh

en Suominen went all in for 3.4 million. Modans thought long and hard about his two pair, but ultimately folded his cards face up – something he would soon regret as Suominen also showed his cards, revealing that he’d had nothing more than the pair of threes on the board.

The stacks are now roughly even, Modans’ 7.2 million playing Suominen’s 6.2 million.

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