Keimo Suominen Jacked - (14th - €2,000)

The dream of a second MPNPT title has dissolved for Keimo Suominen – for now at least.

The talented Finn had struggled ever since Guthrie took that big pot off him – though he found a healthy spot to get back into the game – getting his stack in preflop versus Jan Noga with pocket aces.

Noga looked a touch sad as he turned over his jacks but a board of Jh Th 5c reversed his fortunes and the Ts 7c turn and river ensured he ended Suominen’s impressive run. Noga is now up to 920,000.

€2,000 for 14th but it could have been so much more for Suominen. He bows out for now, but we are sure we’ll see him back at the business end of a tournament before long.

We continue 13 handed and that final table creeps ever closer.

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