Kasper Mellanen Ghosts through MPNPT Prague Day 1B Field

Day 1B of MPNPT Prague saw the fun really begin – yesterday’s Day 1A field of 111 players comfortably dwarfed as a throng of players descended on the Rebuy Stars Savarin Casino to do battle at the felt. The aim was once again to play through 14 levels and that plan was put into effect – 227 buyins tallied once the day closed in the early hours of the morning.

Stories aplenty unfolded as the day progressed. There was a surprise as November Niner, and one of the UK’s most celebrated players, James Akenhead joined proceedings. A train driver in a former life, Akenhead’s challenge ran out of steam mid-way through the day – his aces undone by a flush to derail his MPNPT title bid.

David Lappin and Dara O’Kearney – podcast partners and fast friends – set aside all amity as they shared a table today, squaring up in one critical hand over a 4-4-7-4-7 board – O’Kearney damaged but ultimately managing to find a fold with aces as Lappin piled on the pressure with a juicy 4-5 for quads.

Eat my quads Dara!

O’Kearney couldn’t recover from that setback, his initial batch of chips drying up – though he parlayed a second bullet into 72,700 by the close. David Lappin navigated through the day with 44k chips, following a stint on the live-streamed feature table (twitch.tv/thrillofpoker.com.)

There were numerous other familiar MPNPT names in contention, including talented Lithuanian crusher Mantas Urbonas (152,900) and consistent UK performer Colin Guthrie (147,700) – who both prospered and will return refreshed for day 2 after a well-earned night’s sleep.

Ultimately Finn Kasper Mellanen was the man who headed the 73 survivors from the day – his thick stack of 298,100 pipping Marko Keskel (288,400) and Vrána Vilém(238,900) for the chip lead.

Tomorrow more fireworks are promised with a snappy Turbo Day 1C beginning at 11:00, which will be wrapped up just in time for survivors from the three Day 1s to coalesce and begin Day 2 at 17:30. Registration will be possible all through the first level of Day 2 – so any last minute hopefuls will have a final chance to spin up a stack.

We can’t wait to see how things play out.

Also worth noting in your diaries, the €20,000 guaranteed Hendon Mob Championship will be taking place at 19:00. Winning a flag from the world-famous Hendon Mob is the kind of feather in the cap few players can resist. We expect a big field to contend the title and with 30,000 in chips, there’s good reason to jump in and aim to earn yourself a Czech flag from the official flag distributors.

See you there but for now, thanks for following and good night poker fans.

Final Chip Counts:

Name Chips Nationality
Kasper Mellanen 298,100 FIN
Marko Keskel 288,400 EST
Vrána Vilém 238,900 CZE
Vestin Thomas 194,100 SWE
Stacey Daniel 177,200 GBR
Kubarev Igor 174,400 RUS
Suvi Kalle 173,800 EST
Ikonen Pekka 159,000 FIN
Janota Lukasz 156,800 POL
Graham Peter 155,600 GBR
Urbonas Mantas 152,900 LUT
Goslings Johan 150,000 NL
Levy Nir 149,100 ISR
Colin Guthrie 147,700 GBR
Antonenko Andrei 145,000 EST
Star Eion Thomas 141,000 IRL
Shannon Bruce 135,800 GBR
Baroncea Pavel 135,700 MOL
Andersson Lars Jonas 131,500 SWE
Braeuer Christian 131,100 GER
Inerud Christopher 127,500 SWE
Kuzma Peter 118,900 HUN
Mital Zdeněk 118,900 CZE
Falář Michal 117,700 CZE
Pleticha Tomáš 117,600 CZE
Valner Uku 111,400 EST
Poelman Jason 101,400 BEL
Zarbo Maria Angela 97,500 ITA
Sluis Dwayne 96,400 NL
Saranovic Bakir 96,000 SWE
De Jong Dehlia 93,300 NL
Mjagkov Andrei 86,800 EST
Rattya Jari Peka 82,600 FIN
Joostens Lennaert 81,400 NL
Nálepka Krystian 78,100 POL
Clark Alex 77,200 GBR
Gruszczynski Sebastian 73,500 POL
Dara O’Kearney 72,700 IRL
Askamp Paul 71,900 NL
Tiessesdre Julien 70,500 FRA
Silverkoha Kauri 69,200 EST
Boustfield John 69,000 GBR
Háněl Jaromír 67,600 CZE
Klingenberg Jonathan 65,800 GER
Ralston Evan 63,400 GBR
Lindmark Dennis 59,800 SWE
Feng Liang 59,300 CHN
Thorsrud Ylva 57,200 NOR
Molderkivi Rain 55,900 EST
Saar Siiri 55,500 EST
Lundqist John 54,700 FIN
Tammel Tarmo 54,200 EST
Jindra Adam 54,100 CZE
Gazzard Richard 52,900 GBR
Arendse Teunis 51,900 NL
Rusňák Milan 47,900 CZE
Mitál Štěpán 47,200 CZE
Lappin David 44,300 IRL
Whitworth Julie 42,900 GBR
Presterud Erik 42,800 NOR
Ladva Ottomar 41,800 EST
Railosvud Juha 41,200 FIN
Nestor Ronnie 40,500 SWE
Lahdenpaeae Linda 39,800 FIN
Catalan Diego Domingo 39,100 ESP
Kuzniv Ivan 38,000 UKR
Koponen Miko 36,500 FIN
Everatt George 34,800 GBR
Radius Aleksandr 25,600 LTU
Přenosil Tadeáš 22,500 CZE
Pogdnoroi Aleksander 22,200 EST
Matula Matthew 21,600 CZE
Havlena Jiří 21,000 CZE

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