Just Three Tables Survive To Last Level of Day 1A

NIcholas Pongourou, earlier leading the Day 1A field, now finds himself busto with just one level left to play.  It clearly hadn’t been going his way in the latter levels, as his final hand saw him raise on the button to 4,000 with a <25,000 stack, only to find Radoslaw Kopec (we think; his ID is not visible) upping the preflop bet to 15,100, asking Pongourou effectively whether he wanted this hand to get to showdown immediately, with his tournament life on the line.

A brief(ish) consideration-period later, and he committed; he was all in with a pair of eights vs. Ac Qc.  The overcards spiked a queen on the flop, and nothing turned the advantage around, so with a shake of the head the once-chip leader exited with probably close to 0 probability of re-entering tonight.

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