Jurgielewicz Busto

Michal Jurgielewicz was crippled to just 65k when he doubled up Krisztian Arvai to around 450k. I got there too late to catch Jurgielewicz’s hand, but judging from the 3-Q-T-3-9 board and the A-K that had won it for Arvai, I am guessing it was an ace with kicker problems.

Jurgielewicz moved in a hand or two or later with Ah-6h but Dani Brandsoy reshoved with 8h-8c and the six on the flop wasn’t enough to save Jurgielewicz’s proverbial bacon. The full board – just for the sake of completeness – ran out 6s 7s Kd 9h 4h, and Jurgielewicz was out in 20th place.

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