Jumponnen Hits Mulder for Six

A few decisions here and there can have dramatic consequence in a tournament.

Just moments ago, Tomi Jumpponen hit the 100k chip mark though things could have worked out so differently for him…

Holding Qh 5h, he saw a board of Th 6s 2h and elected to check-raise all-in for c. 42,000 when Mathis Mulder led out for 4.6k and Roger Nilsen called. Back on Mulder, he quietly considered before re-jamming for 85,300.

Nilsen grimaced and took a long time to consider – pain etched on his face the entire time – before throwing his hand away…

Mulder tabled Jd Ts for top pair, but was crushed by a heart on the turn, giving Jumponnen an unbeatable hand which set him over the six figure mark. It proved quite remarkable as Nilsen revealed he had folded the potential winner – Kh 9h. Jumponnen smiled at his fortune as he scooped the pot. Meanwhile Mulder is down to 40,000 or so and Nilsen has a little more than that.

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