Juha Ovaskainen Out in 8th Place (€5,430)

Bloggers and commentators alike were somewhat surprised when Juha Ovaskainen folded pocket sixes on the button to a small raise from Antti Halme (who, the hole card cams told us, had A-7). Ovaskainen had just seven big blinds at this point.

So Ovaskainen was really desperately short-stacked when he opted to min-raise to 100k in early position with Ah-8d, with just 410k left behind. On the button, Keimo Suominen looked down at a very premium Ks-Kd and tanked up for a surprisingly long time. To be fair, the suspiciously small raise from Ovaskainen could well have looked a bit like aces from where Suominen was sitting. Anyway, after a minute or two Suominen reraised to 285k. Ovaskainen finally went all in, Suominen snapped, and they went to showdown.

Board: an ace-free 9c-Td-5h-Tc-8h

With that, seven players went off on a dinner break for 60 minutes, while Ovaskainen now gets to take as long as he likes.

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