Jorstad Rolls Slowly Out

Espen Jorstad found himself short on chips moments ago and holding Kh Jh and 6,200- just 10 big blinds – he elected to three-bet shove when opponent Nesin Dmyto raised it up from early position to 2,000.

Dmyto spent a long time thinking before calling the raise with the surprisingly strong Ad Qh.

Jorstad let out a shrill laugh at this. “When you thought so long I thought I was definitely ahead!”

The board ran out Ah 3c 4d 7s 9s, Jorstad shook hands with his erstwhile tablemates and departed to insta-buy in once more.

Meanwhile at the table, Dmyto (up to 37,000) was getting some gentle chiding for this perceived unnecessary tank from a tablemate. “I probably would have called with J-4 there, J-7 I would definitely call!”

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