Johnson Gets Riggedy-riggedy Wrecked

Bad times for Paul Johnson, who has taken a painful bad beat for a huge pot.

The hand opened with a collision inevitable – Ali Mechiche being dealt Kh Ks at the same time Johnson got dealt Ah As. The ultimate Hold’Em cooler saw Mechiche jam for his 800k and Johnson call as you’d expect with the preflop nuts.

It looked like we were about to lose a player, namely Mechiche,…then disaster struck for Johnson. The Kc 7h 7d flop turned the equity tables and suddenly Mechiche was the one with a huge edge.

The board ran out the 7s then Td and that was that. Johnson looked dejected and Mechiche was the proud new owner of a 1.7 million pot!

As the commentary pointed out on the stream “Johnson got wrecked.”

Following that disaster, Johnson is down to 415,000 and in need a quick fillip if he hopes to recover…

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