Johnson Finds Double With Bullets

Paul Johnson has bided his time patiently and just found a very juicy spot, picking up aces in the blinds at the same time Tiit Piller was dealt Ah Qc on the button. With Johnson’s stack just over 500,000, it was almost inevitable all the chips would end up in the middle preflop and a series of raises later, that is exactly what happened.

There was no bad beat as the board rolled out Qd 8s Td Jd Jh to double him to over a million – that cooler moving Piller down the counts into 5th place. Luke Martin still heads the overall counts – lined up as follows:


Name Chips
Luke Martin 4,400,000
Jussi Mattila 2,700,000
Cody Wagner (Grosvenor) 2,400,000
Peter Pihlstrōm (Paf) 2,400,000
Tiit Piller 1,800,000
Paul Johnson (32Red) 1,300,000
Arunas Garunkstis 1,100,000
Jørn Inge Hvål (Guts) 765,000

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