Johnson Binks Runner Runner Double

Mateusz Moolhuizen just took a huge beat, in the process doubling up Paul Johnson.

The hand opened with Johnson raising in position with Tc Jc and Moolhuizen defending from the big blind with Ac 8h.

The board fell a Moolhuizen-friendly Ah 9c 4h and he checked his pair of aces to Johnson who quickly fired out a large bet of 175,000 with his backdoor outs.

Moolhuizen made the call, not over-committing with his top pair and when the Js arrived on the turn, he checked once more. Johnson had picked up showdown value by hitting a pair, but elected to bet anyway, jamming all-in for his 395,000.

Despite this move looking strong, it was unlikely Moolhuizen would fold a hand close to the top of his range like this and after a while thinking, he did indeed make the call, leaving Johnson looking at likely elimination bar a long shot arriving on the river.

Boom. It duly arrived in the form of the Ts. Harsh for Moolhuizen but that slice of fortune launches Johnson into second place on the leaderboard whilst big stack Moolhuizen takes a hit.

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