Johnson Becomes Fours to be Reckoned With

Paul Johnson has marshalled his smallish stack with great care and attention and has finally worked it up to a playable amount.

His latest coup came at the expense of Tiit Piller (pictured) once more as Johnson jammed his million stack from the blinds with pocket fours over Piller’s button raise – Piller calling with As Qs.

Johnson has performed well at showdown in this tournament and so it proved again as he binked a set of fours over the 2h Ks 9c 4s board – though still needed to fade the flush draw – the 5d on the river seeing him home and dried to a 2 million plus stack – back in the thick of the pack.

Piller rolled his eyes but laughed – we continue 6 handed with the stacks relatively close at this point….

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