Pennanen Cooks Up Something Special

Mehdi Hsissen has accumulated a monster stack and that gives him plenty of leverage to push the shorter stacks around. He should have the run of his table. No one gave Heston Blumenthal lookalike Jarkko Pennanen a copy of the script however…

We joined a hand between the pair on the river of a Kd 9d 5c 2d 9c board. Pennanen led out for 69,000 and Hsissen raised to 150,000.

Spot the difference…

This put Pennanen into the tank. He mumbled to himself for a while…”K-9 maybe…but you can’t have that. K-K also beats me…”

He looked at the board, counted his chips, picked them all up and made them into a giant column which he plonked down in front of him…but not over the line.

Eventually Hsissen made an inquiry. “Flush?” he asked. “Yaya” said Pennanen, continuing to stall. Hsissen shrugged, and after another minute of tanking he called the clock. Gerard came over and issued a minute’s warning.

Pennanen picked all his chips up and pushed them over the line – around 326,000. He was committed…

Hsissen now faced the decision. He didn’t snap-call, thinking through the possibilities before finally…he mucked his hand.

“Show the bluff!” called the rail in time-honoured tradition. Pennanen was about to fold his cards unseen. He paused and changed his mind.

“Ok, this time I show,” he said languidly, flipping over As 7d for a stone-cold bluff. Wowzer, nice move. That man has NO fear. He’s now up over 600,000…

Hsissen nodded his head in appreciation at being outplayed.

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