James Gro-gone

There have been a flurry of eliminations in the last few minutes, James Grogan perhaps the most recent of them all.

His exit looked unusual – all his chips in the middle with pocket fives, on a board of Kd Qh 9s Td Qd, versus pocket aces.

Whether these were put in preflop or at some point post, on what looked an eminently bluffable board, we were unable to ascertain. It looked as though he had around 45,000 at the start of the hand – at the end of the hand however, he was all out of chips. Never mind James, there’s plenty more poker to play on the trip. If you’re looking for a nourishing pick-me-up, we highly recommend the pork schnitzels at the bar.

Schmalnauer meanwhile has seen his stack rising to 105,000 courtesy of this development and he appeared in an understandably buoyant mood, celebrating his victory with his friends.


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