Jacks Thrown Down by Pennane and Clarke

Two shorter stacks have just raced their nice-kickered aces (all in preflop) against pocket jacks to no avail, sets springing up both times to pour lemon juice into the lost-race papercut.  First up, Roland Arric moved all in for his last 3,475 (blinds now 300/600/50) and it folded around to big blind Jarkko Pennane (playing 30k).  After what seemed a rather extended dwell-up, Pennane called, showing down Js Jh to Arric’s Ad Qs.  He had only to wait until the turn for the Jc and his opponent to be drawing dead.

One table away, Gary Clarke (pictured) had called an all-in opponent preflop in a similar situation for more than 3,475, but less than a 25k starting stack (sorry, there was a lot of shrapnel in the pot) with Jd Jh, this time up against Ah Kh.  The Ks was the first card out on the flop but it was followed by the 5s and Js, crushing most hope.  A little returned with the possibility of a spade flush chop-pot on the 9s turn, but the 3c river sent Preflop Jammer to the rail and Clarke’s stack to around 50,000.

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