Iva Monster

Kennet Iva and Mehdi Hsissen just played out the biggest pot of the tournament. It was a blind versus blind situation, Iva raising to 16k, Hsissen re-raising to 56,000 and Iva spending a few moments before shoving…Hsissen looked perplexed. He had 430,000 behind and Iva had around 630,000…two of the tournament big stacks.

Eventually he decided pocket queens was too big to fold and he called…Iva turning up ace-king. This coin-flip was enormous!
The board came 7s 9s 5d 6h 3c and Hsissen was overjoyed, letting out a primal scream and high-fiving his friends who had gathered round to watch the hand play out.

Iva looked unmoved…down to 200,000 but still composed. Hsissen however is up to a mammoth 900,000 – chip leader by a huge stretch. We continue with 43 – two off the bubble…

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