Iva Lazarova Rises From the Dead to Become MPNPT Sunny Beach Champion

This is one talented lady

MPNPT Sunny Beach has played to a conclusion and it is Iva Lazarova who has claimed the title, surviving through four days of attritional poker to conquer all her rivals and become the champion. Lazarova takes home €26,500 after dusting off the field and was clearly enthused following the victory.

“I’m dancing with the trophy” she said with gusto as she celebrated her impressive tournament win.

Lazarova had an exceptional tournament – becoming the first female MPNPT champion whilst staving off numerous situations where the odds were stacked against her. Down to half a big blind on the bubble of the tournament, she turned this round to parlay her stack into a tournament win using guile and skill.

The final day of the tournament started with just 13 players remaining from the 320 who started their MPNPT journey over the opening two days and the opening to the day could hardly have been more explosive. Overnight chipleader Robert Bostock eliminated Martin Stoev in the very first hand – cracking his aces with a pair and flush draw. Bostock continued to hammer his table, sending compatriot David Longmate, Finland’s Risto Aho and local hope Stelian Kukuchec to the rail in short order.

This fast sequence of eliminations both consolidated Bostock’s chip lead and brought us to the final table where the final nine players lined up as follows:

Seat Name Country Status Chips
7 Robert Bostock UK Grosvenor Poker Qualifier 3,408,000
8 Dmitri Fomitsa Estonia 1,390,000
5 Borislav Yosifov Bulgaria 1,065,000
9 Martin Nikolov Bulgaria 877,000
6 Simeon Spasov Bulgaria 862,000
2 Iva Lazarova Bulgaria 719,000
3 Tihomir Ochkov Bulgaria 495,000
4 Galin Panayotov Bulgaria 450,000
1 Philipp Anger Germany Betsafe Poker Black Qualifier 358,000

The first elimination of the final saw Tihomir Ochkov fall prey in 9th spot(€3,000) to Lazarova, whose tens held up against his shove with a suited ace. Fellow Bulgarian Galin Panayotov befell a similar fate, running his suited ace into another big pair – pocket queens in the hands of Borislav Yosifov seeing Panayotov’s run end in 8th position for €3,900.

Martin Nikolov saw his stack bleed away before his 10 BB shove with A-T crashed headlong into Bostock’s pocket kings – leaving him off to collect €5,300 from the cash desk for 7th place.

Simeon Spasov played a solid,efficient game of poker to wind up 6th

With the action 6-handed, the pace slowed noticeably – bustouts at a premium as shortstacks became as invincible as Super Mario after eating a star. In the Nintendo game, Mario’s impregnability wears off after a short period and the same applied here as Simeon Spasov broke the deadlock by succumbing in 6th for €7,000 – Dimitri Fomitsa’s big slick seeing off Spasov’s dominated ace.

Throughout the final, Robert Bostock had controlled the chip lead with relative ease but the wheels fell off his challenge in spectacular fashion as the resurgent Lazarova won a key coinflip to double-through against Bostock before she decimated his stack with top two versus top pair.

Bostock was in trouble, though he survived past German Philipp Anger, whose admirable resolve, leavened with a healthy slice of fortune, saw him battle through to 5th spot for €9,000 before Lazarova spiked an ace to melt his snowmen.

Four-handed the players cut a deal based on their relative chip stacks as follows, before playing on for an additional €8,600 and the trophy:

Iva Lazarova – €23,400
Borislav Yosifov – €20,200
Dmitri Fomitsa – €19,100
Robert Bostock – €15,200

Brilliant performance from Bostock undermined by painful sequence of cards.

Bostock had looked like the champion elect for large swathes of the final but his fall from grace was completed by Estonian Dmitri Fomitsa – Bostock unlucky once more as his dominating king was undone by a four flush to leave him short of the title in 4th with €15,200 as his chunky consolation prize.

Three-handed, it was Dimitri Fomitsa who was next to fall – his A-Q losing out to Lazarova’s flush draw to leave him collecting €20,100 for third place following a second deal.

Heads-up, Lazarova tooka chip deficit into the match-up but turned it round impressively, her ace high finishing off Borislav Yosifov’s king-high call. His brave challenge ends in second, as he collected €24,300 but it was Lazarova whose star shone the brightest – her incredible performance netting her €26,900.

Well done Iva Lazarova!

It’s been an incredible tournament, we’ve loved our trip to MPNPT Sunny Beach and we will return soon. The next leg of the MPNPT will be in Malta where another memorable tour beckons.

You can find more about what promises to be an unforgettable trip here.


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