Iurii'n Trouble Ivanov

Iurii Ivanov was nursing a short stack, only to jam over the top when Monika Zukowicz decided to open the betting. His jam was called by Narcisco Oliveras behind and Zukowicz also made the call, leaving those two heads up to contest the remaining action.

Both checked down the Qd 4d 2h 6h 7h board until the river, at which point Oliveras fired out a chunky bet – Zukowicz quickly folding.

Ivanov showed down Ac 6c for third pair and was already looking glum, knowing this was unlikely to beat Oliveras’ bet into a dry pot.

So it proved as Oliveras turned over Kh Jh for the second nut flush and that ended Ivanov’s participation for now. Rebuy perhaps?

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