It's Kjartans for Franke

The lady in seat 9 had made an opening raise and the chap in seat 1 had reraised when I arrived. Kjartan Kronstad called, and the action moved to new arrival Franke von Zweigbergk in the big blind, who moved in for just under 20k. Seat 9 Lady made the call reshoved for not much more and Seat 1 folded, but Kronstad made the call and they went three-way to a showdown.

Seat 9 Lady: Kc Tc Franke: Ah Td Kronstad: Ad Kd

Duly, the board delivered no nasty surprises – 9c Qh 2s 5s 4c – and both Franke and Seat 9 Lady (apologies, she didn’t seem to have an ID card!) were left with nothing (Franke already asking where the rebuy desk was before he’d even stood up) while Kronstad cheered. On around 120k now, he appears to be up there with the chip leaders.

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