It'll All Come Out in the Walsh

After a few hours presumably spent stewing over his unfortunate exit/spinning up a rebuy in the casino, James Walsh had only just re-entered the tournament when he managed to get his cowboys cracked. Walsh opened to 2k in mid position and the chap to his immediate left reraised to 6k – but he soon folded after Aleksei Karev made it all in from the button and Walsh called in turn.

Walsh: Ks-Kc
Karev: As-Qs

“The ace is dangerous,” warned a tablemate, and duly there it was on the door, the board running out 5c-6h-Ah-Jd-Jc to double Karev up to around 60k. Walsh didn’t see that last card though, as he’d already walked off in horror – he had to be called back to the table once it had been assessed that he had change. He returned to two chips and a chair, and is currently just 1.5k away from tournament destitution at the rail. Ouch.

By the by, also spotted at that table: Jussi Mattila, now almost certainly the all-time MPNPT Main Event rebuy champion, on what we estimate to be at least his 10th buy-in.

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