Isaksen Doubles; Registration Closes

Lars Isaksen moved in over the top of a raise from Przemyslaw Glaner; after a bit of a pause, Glaner called, and winced as the cards were revealed.

Glaner: Kd-Td
Isaksen: Kh-Js

Board: 4d 6h Qd Qh As

Isaksen doubled up to around 40k, while Glaner is still very comfortable on 140k or so.

This hand was particularly significant, as it was the very last hand of Level 10. Had Isaksen busted out, and wished to exercise his right to re-enter, he would have been obliged to raise his hand and speak with the floor as that would have been his very last chance to enter Day 1b.

Ladies and gentlemen, registration for Day 1b is now closed. Final numbers for today coming soon…

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