"Is He Telling Me I'm Really Bad?"

Ah, language barriers.  Table two has had a lot of action, quite a bit involving the UK’s Jay Yerby in the first few levels.  He’s made a couple of shown laydowns recently, starting with a Kd flashed on a 5cKh4dQhAd board vs. Rokas Barzdzius as it sailed into the muck.  Preflop raiser (to 800, blinds 100/200) Barzdzius had continued for 1,500 on the flop, checked the queen turn and bet 3,200 on the Ad river, where Yerby let his hand go.

A few hands later, a bigger pot brewed.  The under the gun player opened for 500, called in three spots before it got to button Yerby, who made it 2,600.  Al but one mid-position player, Angel Aguaron, folded.

The flop: 3dKd4d.  Aguaron checked and Yerby checked back.

The turn: 8s. Aguaron checked again, and Yerby threw out 1,600, which barely settled on the felt before Aguaron made it 10,000.  Back to Yerby who thought long enough to need to spend a timebank card.  He eventually folded, showing QdQh.  In return, he was shown JdJc by his Spanish opponent.

“One of the hands I put you on…” mused Yerby, getting a mild-sounding flood of Spanish in return.

“I don’t understand, but nice hand!” replied Yerby.  “Is he telling me I’m really bad?”

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