Inerud Fires Bullets into Kopecky

There’s an interesting table in the secondary chamber of the tournament – “The Chip Race” podcasters and MPNPT regulars David Lappin (40,000), & Dara O’Kearney(28,000) sharing the felt with perennial-MPNPT qualifier Julie Whitworth (45,000).

As we watched on hoping to see some action from these three – Lappin obliged, opening the pot to 700 from early position, three-bet by Jan Inerud in the hijack to 2,100, which was called by Arnost Kopecky on the button and Lappin also came along for the ride.

The board fell Ks  Jd  Tc  – a texture which saw Lappin check, Inerud continue for 4,500 and Kopecky call…

The 2c  brick on the turn saw Inerud commit his remaining 17,900 – jamming all-in.

A long tank period followed, Kopecky scratching various bits of himself as he deliberated. “Two pair no good?” he inquired, digging for a reaction from Inerud who offered him nothing, a stony-faced statue – emotions hermetically-sealed behind a wall of impassivity.

Finally he threw a chip in to call with pocket queens for an open-ended straight draw but Inerud was a strong favourite as he showed down pocket aces.

The Th  on the river closed the action and left Inerud to sweep up the pot and move to 52,500. Kopecky’s call meanwhile meant he had a mere 6,000 to play with. Redemption seems some distance away…



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