In a Hurri to Get Somewhere?

MPNPT stalwart Jari Hurri is out in a monster of a pot that’s propelled Sandris Mukans to the upper echelons of the chip counts on around 115k.

Our intrepid reporter (thanks, Jen Mason!) caught it on the turn, the board reading Ah 5d Jd 8c. Mukans bet 5.5k, only for Hurri to insta-shove for 35k or so. Mukans umm’d and ahh’d for a bit, and eventually made the call.

Mukans: As Ks for top pair, top kicker

Hurri: Qd 9d for a flush draw and a gutshot

River: a nothing-y 5s

“I wanted to fold,” admitted Mukans as Hurri took his leave, “But ace-king… Ace-ten I fold for sure!”


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