Húževka 4th (€15,000); Bucinskas 3rd (€20,000)

Absolute carnage has broken out. Two quicktime eliminations as Alessandro Siena lays waste to this final table.

First off, he called Adrián Húževka’s 250,000 shove with 9c 6s. Húževka had the nominal advantage with Ah Qh but that advantage utterly dissolved as the board fell 5d 7d 8h to give Siena the nuts!

“He’s got the nizzles!” David Lappin exclaimed accurately on commentary.

A few longshot chops apart, this was going to be Húževka’s final hour and so it proved….the  board running out 2s As to complete the hand.

Well played Adrian -4th place and  €15,000 his reward for making it to the latter stages here.

Siena boosts his chip lead yet further and next up, he delivered another hammer blow – calling Edgars Bucinskas’ Qd 9d shove with Ac 7c.

He won the showdown once more as the board ran out Ks 6h Ad 4d 9h! Another elimination!

So Edgars Bucinskas busts in 3rd place for €20,000. The wrecking ball of Alessandro SIena is heads up with Jacob Nielsen for the title and a huge 12-1 chip lead.

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