Huxley Falls afoul of Mallu

Already there’s a micro-dynamic developing between Phil Huxley and Alli Mallu, the pair of them having faced off on several occasions.

They did so again recently, Mallu limping in early position and Huxley raising the button. The pair of them saw a Tc 8s 8h board peel off.

Check, check went the compelling action.

The 7s on the turn elicited a bet of 600 from Mallu which a pensive Huxley, after a brief brow scratch, called.

6s on the river – 1,000 from Mallu and Huxley announced, “I’ll just call.” Mallu now mysteriously turned over the sole Jh, Huxley patiently waiting for the other card to be revealed. Finally, Mallu also turned over the 9s for the nut straight.

It was good, Huxley mucked his holding and that leaves him mildly down from his starting stack of 25,000, whilst Mallu is up to close to 30,000 now.

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