Hurri's Spade Digs Hole for Guthrie

Jari Hurri and Colin Guthrie have had their battles today – Guthrie regularly trying to engage Hurri in conversation during these exchanges. He’s had little success, Hurri’s inscrutable, quiet presence giving little information away.

Once again Hurri raised from the button to 41,000, Guthrie (big blind) tried to get him to open up, but Hurri kept to his usual game paln and failed to oblige.

“As you’re not being friendly, I’ll call,” said Guthrie.

The board fell Ts 8c 4c. Check, check.

Turn: Ks. Check, 50,000 from Hurri. Call.

RIver As. Check, 303,000 jam from Hurri!

This was nearly all Guthrie’s chips and he looked pained and very unconvinced as to the best plan. Eventually though, he sat back and threw in a chip. Qs 9s for Hurri – the nut flush!

A huge pot to the Finn means he now has close to 800,000 whilst Guthrie was down to a mere 80,000 or so and in real danger of bubbling the final table.

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