Hurri Up!

Jari Hurri is a familiar face on the European Poker Circuit and he’s just taken a big step toward bolstering his poker credentials yet further with a deep run here in Vienna.

We joined him three way to a flop of Ks Jh 2d, leading out 14,000, which was sufficient to dissuade Perica Pavic-Nikolic from further involvement. He folded.

However Torgeir Ravlo must have been loving the action as he held pocket jacks. He check-raised all-in after a few moments, and was snap-called.

Hurri tabled pocket kings!

A stone-cold cooler, nuts versus second nuts, Ravlo took the situation well, shaking Hurri’s hand as he left. Hurri meanwhile swept up a large pot that means he now wields a meaty 105,000 stack. Tasty!

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