Hubalek Slows Down Yarovoy charge

Artur Yarovoy’s poker is full of aggressive intent, and has served him well in general today though it did cost him moments ago when he ran into a big hand.

Holding pocket sixes, Yarovoy raised it up preflop and was called by Andrius Chmieliauskas and Johannes Hubalek.

The board of Ad Kh Td didn’t look like a particularly pleasant one for pocket sixes, but that couldn’t stop Yarovoy, who led out 120,000 when it was checked to him.

Hubalek was the sole caller.

Come the brick 7s on the turn, Yarovoywas checked to once more, this time firing out a huge 250,000 bet.

Hubalek was having none of it, having flopped two pair with Ac Th and quickly check-raised all-in, Yarovoy passing just as quickly, having bluffed off a portion of his stack.

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