Hsissen Doesn't Missen (Andersen out 20th)

Poor Tobias Andersen just saw his hopes evaporate in harsh fashion.

Holding pocket aces, he jammed for 152k over the top of a 26k open from Hsissen which had been called in one spot.

Hissisen re-jammed to isolate and the flat caller folded, leaving the two players heads-up.

Hsissen tabled the optimistic 8h 6h…

Andersen watched on in horror as the dealer laid out a Jd 8c 6d board to give his opponent the advantage. The 2c turn and 3h river failed to reverse Hsissen’s equity advantage and Andersen was left shaking his head and collecting his belongings as he crashes out in 20th spot for 13,500MAD. Hsissen is now well over a million…

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