House Over House Puts Martin Back in Front

Luke Martin opened to 130k from the cutoff with As Th and Peter Pihlstrom was the only caller, holding Kh Js in the big blind.

There was a little something for everyone on the Jd Ac 3c flop, and Pihlstrom check-called 110k from Martin; both players’ hands improved on the Ad turn and Pihlstrom check-called again, this time to the tune of 280k.

The river – Ad – brought them both a full house, and Martin now bet out 700k. Pihlstrom, clearly concerned that Martin had the ace, disappeared into the tank for a long time, but finally decided that he couldn’t fold his jacks full. He flat-called, and moments later received the bad news.

The tow of them have virtually swapped stacks after that – Pihlstrom is down to 2.3 million after that, while Martin is doing almost twice as well on 4.5 million, currently enough for the chip lead.

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