Hour of the Overpair

The end of Level 5 (200/400/50) has seen a couple of big overpair hands go down, and the stacks of Hamidreza Egazi and Stuart Lord along with them.

First up, a re-seated second-bullet-firing Andrew Lewis picked up aces and a double-up right off the bat, courtesy of Egazi.  A flop of 7s Ts 2d was all it took to get stacks in; Egazi showed Qh Qc to Lewis’ Ah Ac, and dropped to 6,000.  A neighbour said, “Must be nice, sit down, get aces, double up!”  Lewis replied that it was his second entry, his first exit courtesy of KK vs. AA himself.

Over on Table 2, Stuart Lord had the majority of his c. 13,000 all-in with top pair (8d 6c) on a 3s 6h 5h flop, only to find Miguel Hernandez Mora happy to give him a spin with the overpair of Js Jd.  No straight or further pairing/tripping up, and Lord was heading towards the rail (or the cash desk, for re-entry).

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