Himanen Coolered Out (15th - €2,590)

Tough exit for Aleksi Himanen. Holding pocket queens with a shortish stack of around 300,000 – he saw Andres Abakanov (pictured) open for 45,000 from early position – popped to 125,000 by Petter Karstad – giving him few options but to jam.

He did so – only for Abakanov to instantly re-jam. Karstad laughed and threw his hand away and Himanen winced as Abakanov showed him pocket kings.

A board of Ah 7h 3s 4s Th couldn’t bail him out and he becomes the latest victim of what have been a series of coolers in recent times.

Well played Mr Himanen, we hope you have enjoyed your up-and-down journey through the tournament – finishing just shy of the final table. Enjoy your €2,590 cash!

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