Hills Takes Big Hit

Deep stack poker makes for some fascinating situations and we had one such hand just here.

Andy Hills and Maxime Canevet are very deep against each other but Canevet has position – a crucial difference.

We just saw Hills open to 650,000 with pocket queens (15m) – Canevet three-betting to 1,700,000 with [9c][8c] -(24m).

This was a very tricky situation for Hills with their deep stacks. Hills elected to flat the three-bet – the pair seeing a [9d 7s 6h] board appear. Excellent flop for Canavet – who bet out 950,000 when it was checked to him. Hills called.

The turn was a disaster for Hills – the [5s] completing Canevet’s straight. Hills checked the dangerous board and Canavet made a deceptive check behind.

Come the [4s] river, Hills checked again and this time Canevet went for the value – making a large 3.4 million bet. A horrible spot for Hills – he tanked for some time before calling and getting the bad news.

Well played by Canevet – he rises to 27.5 million – Hills down to 10 million. As the commentary team astutely observed “the rich get richer.”

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