Higgins Run Over By Van (4th - € 74,540 )

Colum Higgins has been knocked out – his incredible comeback ended in a series of coolers versus SVZ.

The final hand saw him raise it up with Ad Qc -van Zadelhoff peeling from the small blind with the playable Kc Tc.

The board was a doozy – Qd Td Ts giving Higgins a very strong two pair hand but SVZ flopping gin – trip tens.

After Higgins bet out 1.3M – SVZ elected to fastplay his hand on this drawy board – immediately making it 4.8M. Higgins called after a moment’s though and the 6s brick arrived on the turn.

SVZ now jammed all-in for 19M effective and Higgins was in big trouble as folding was almost impossible with a hand this strong. He thought about it for a good while before coming to the same conclusion and making the call. He got the bad news he was drawing to two outs (in fact just one as we knew a queen had been folded.)

The 2c river was the ultimate brick card and applause rang out as Higgins’ exit in 4th for €74,540 was confirmed. Incredible run and an exciting day for the Irish player but that ends things for him and leaves the remaining three players stacked as follows with the title in their sights.

55M – Van Zadelhoff

33M – Gulas

27M – Lisii

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