Hendriks Misfires Just Before Break

It really is very tense at this final table – the stacks are relatively close and no one is really getting the upper hand.

The most recent hand of note saw Dominik Desset raise to 165,000 from UTG – and Alex Hendriks decided he would try and apply some pressure – three-betting to 495,000 with Kh Jc.

Desset had a think, then committed his 1.4 million stack with Ah Qs. This put Hendriks in an awkward spot as he was getting a very nice price with a decent hand.

He decided however, Desset’s hand looked too strong and he passed – meaning he drops out of the chip lead.

A few hands later the level ended meaning a 20 minute break for the players to regroup and consider their strategy to try and win this title.

Here’s the stacks just before the break:

Name Chip Count
Daniel Camus 3,200,000
Alex Hendriks 2,700,000
Jussi Mattila 2,000,000
Dominik Desset 2,000,000

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