Hendriks Hits Purple Patch

Alex Hendriks has given himself a great chance of becoming the first double MPNPT winner and replicating his winning performance at MPNPT Bratislava 2018 as, moments ago, he just collected a chunky pot to catapult him up the chip rankings. We joined him and Fredrik Karvall competing on the river of a 9h 7d 6d Qh 3d board – Karvall leading for 28,000 and facing a raise to 74,000 by Hendriks. A suspicious Karvall called the raise – only to be shown Kd 9d and gently slide his (presumably) inferior hand into the muck.

Hendriks meanwhile collected the pot and is becoming a real threat – his stack now an impressive 650,000. Karvall takes a hit but still boasts a very playable total himself – sitting on around 400,000…

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