Hendriks Axes Rivals to Win MPNPT Bratislava 2018

MPNPT Bratislava has played to a finish and it is Dutchman Alex Hendriks who is our champion! Hendriks collects €27,000 for his victory, following a hard-fought final table in which he endured numerous chip swings and battled through some nervy moments with admirable sang-froid.

The day began with 13 players left from the 329 entries who had bought in and rebought over the opening two days of the event to create the €159,565 prizepool, handily eclipsing the €150,000 guarantee.

It took a couple of levels before we reached the final table following the eliminations of Sebastian Langrock, Will Dorey, Dmitri Zatsik and Danijel Kucurski. This left the final nine lined up as follows:

Seat Name Qualifier Status Country Chips
1 Alex Hendriks  Betsson Netherlands 2,182,000
2 Andy Hills Grosvenor UK 649,000
3 Colin Guthrie UK 1,329,000
4 Jussi Mattila Finland 1,098,000
5 Jiri Noga Czech Republic 1,561,000
6 Dominik Desset Slovakia 1,218,000
7 Sebastian Rebhan Betsson Germany 746,000
8 Daniel Camus Belgium 410,000
9 Johannes Park Skak Denmark 686,000

Hendriks had consolidated his overnight chip lead during these opening stages and it soon grew even larger as he dealt the first elimination of the final to Andy Hills – winning a flip with pocket tens to consign the Englishman to 9th place for €3,065.

The quiet period that followed was shattered by the elimination of Hill’s compatriot Colin Guthrie – his big slick losing out in a critical pot to Daniel Camus’ pocket queens. A disappointed Guthrie was left short and the rest of his chips evaporated soon afterward as he ended up in 8th spot for €4,000.

Hendriks had a vocal Dutch rail cheering him on!

The most active player in the early stages was probably Dane Johannes Park, who excited the rail with a blitzing series of all-in strikes. He had mixed success with these and was finally picked off by Hendriks, who found ace-king at just the right time to pick off another Park move with six-high. Park collected €5,400 for his eventful performance to finish 7th.

Malta-based German Sebastian Rebhan played a strong game throughout the final – but his fortune waned as he made an understandable shove with ace-ten on the button – only to lose out to Camus, who was lurking with jacks in the blinds. An ace-less board left Rebhan’s tournament run over in 6th place for €7,000.

Czech Jiri Noga was next to fall as Hendriks added another scalp to his collection when his dominating A-Q overcame Noga’s K-Q to leave him on the rail with €9,000 waiting at the cash desk for his 5th place finish.

The four-handed play was attritional – stacks becoming relatively even – and few mistakes from the players meant it took some time before we witnessed our next elimination. Local Slovak Dominik Desset was the man to fall – his impressive run ending in 4th for €13,200 in a BvB battle with Daniel Camus.

Desset’s elimination was the cue for Camus, Hendriks and Mattila to cut a deal flattening the structure and the battle for the title continued. Camus was a strong presence throughout the final but was forced into a move by rising blind pressure and Hendriks picked him off with jacks to end his day in 3rd – €24,100 his chunky reward for what had been a highly-profitable week.

Hendriks had controlled and led the final table for much of it – Jussi Mattila one of the main thorns in his side, so it was appropriate the pair met heads up to contend the title.

The showdown was short and sweet however as Hendriks’ big stack and a cooler settled the contest first hand! Hendrix flopped two pair, called Mattila’s check raise with a pair and flush draw and when the dust had settled, Hendriks’ hand was still good.

Mattila made few errors and battled hard for the win

Mattila can be incredibly proud of his efforts over the week and the €20,900 he wins for second was well-merited but it is Alex Hendriks who has shown the sharpest poker skills to best all his rivals and win the trophy, plaudits and of course €27,000 in cash! Congratulations Mr Hendriks – watch out for that crosstown traffic as you return to the airport! We hope to see you again soon 🙂

Thanks for following us on the blog – it’s been a blast here in Bratislava and as usual the MPNPT has proved popular with everyone who took part. These events really are a lot of fun and we highly recommend you join us at the next one – which will take place July 5th-8th at the Sunny Beach Casino in Bulgaria. If you haven’t been previously, expect sun, sea and the usual lashings of poker. It will be a fantastic occasion and we hope you can join us. Get qualifying now!

Until then, poker fans, take care!

Full Payouts from MPNPT Bratislava

Place Player Prize Deal
1 Alex Hendriks € 30,000 € 27,000
2 Jussi Mattila € 24,000 € 20,900
3 Daniel Camus € 18,000 € 24,100
4 Dominik Desset € 13,200  
5 Jiri Noga € 9,000  
6 Sebastian Rebhan € 7,000  
7 Johannes Park € 5,400  
8 Colin Guthrie € 4,000  
9 Andy Hills € 3,065  
10 Danijel Kucurski € 2,400  
11 Dmitri Zatsik € 2,400  
12 Will Dorey € 2,400  
13 Sebastian Langrock € 2,000  
14 Keimo Suominen € 2,000  
15 Eetu Sepponen € 2,000  
16 Monika Zukowicz € 1,600  
17 Kevin Frame € 1,600  
18 Gediminas Krikstolaitis € 1,600  
19 Anne Meri € 1,200  
20 Krisztian Arvai € 1,200  
21 Robert Sloboda € 1,200  
22 Daragh Davey € 1,200  
23 Petr Vicek € 1,200  
24 Costa Domingues € 1,200  
25 Laszlo Barthi € 1,200  
26 Dara O’Kearney € 1,200  
27 Antonino Karman € 1,200  
28 Jarkko Suokas € 1,000  
29 Martin Vrbacky € 1,000  
30 Andrej Cintula € 1,000  
31 Tomas Likavsky € 1,000  
32 Maxim Kobieza € 1,000  
33 Marian Flesar € 1,000  
34 Andreas Tano € 1,000  
35 Teemu Leppalahti € 1,000  
36 Peder-Aage Paulsen € 1,000  
37 Mykhailo Zelenenkyi € 900  
38 Giuliano Travella € 900  
39 Dwayne Sluis € 900  
40 Mantas Urbonas € 900  
41 Michael Mirhrooni € 900  
42 Ian Simpson € 900  
43 Dheni Vodegel € 900  
44 Johan Palokangas € 900  
45 David Lappin € 900

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