Hats off to these two

There’s a number of ways you can distinguish yourself sartorially at the poker tables. Some people plump for a dashing suit, others might take more drastic action and dress up as a bunny rabbit (we’ve seen it before honestly.)

Sitting somewhere between these two extremes, players might choose a classic hat to add a little style to their appearance. It can be tilted down to cast their face in shadow should they wish to appear menacing in a pot, or simply tilted at a rakish angle to convey a general rogue-ish style.

MPNPT regular Phil Huxley is one such hat-o-phile, his omnipresent fedora marking him out from the bulk of players. He does face competition from tablemate Victor Pabst, who also has a striking piece of headwear himself.

We’ll be following any pots played out between these two closely in a battle which is already being dubbed “hat-mageddon” by many fans. *

*Warning: Italicized sentence may contain traces of exaggeration.

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