Hatipoglu Flushes Suominen's Hopes

Back for more? We hope so!

Keimo Suominen (pictured) has serious form here in Tallinn – in fact he won MPNPT Tallinn in 2017 for €50,000 and set it up as one of his favourite locations.

Well, he’ll have to rebuy if he is to repeat that feat in 2019…

His exit came courtesy of Bahadir Hatipoglu in an interesting hand which saw Martin Tano lead out for 8,500 on a 5s 4s 3d board, only for Hatipoglu to check-raise all-in for around 30,000. Suominen didn’t take long before calling for roughly the same amount – a gasp from a suprised onlooker adding to the drama. Tano looked bemused, tanking then folding what he later claimed were jacks following a brief interrogation from a tablemate, during which he cracked faster than an egg trundled over by a tank.

Meanwhile that left Hatipoglu’s As 6s facing off against Suominen’s pocket sixes. The Ks on the turn completed Hatipoglu’s flush, prompting a roar of victory. He ripped a giant fistpump into the air, nearly inadvertently securing a second KO as his uppercut narrowly avoided someone’s chin.

As it was, he had to make do with just the one – taking Suominen’s chips to rise to 75,000 which left the Finn deciding whether to visit the cash desk and make another re-buy. We think he’ll be back…

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