Happily Karev-er After

Aleksei Karev was in a spot of bother, all in with As-Kc preflop against┬áKristian Hjerkinn’s Ah-Ad and a third, shorter stacked player holding Qs-Qh. Apparently there is a small element of luck involved in this game, though.

Board: Ks-7c-Kd-3s-8h

“Sorry,” said Karev softly – he appeared a bit dazed, and the chips remained scattered on the felt just in front of him while the cards were swept away and the dealer shuffled in preparation for the next hand. “You want to take the chips?” the dealer asked with amusement. “You can give them to someone else next hand.”

Karev almost tripled up to 85k, while Hjerkinn dropped to 43k and the third player quietly departed.

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