Hangover Watch

Certain players seem to have had more fun than others at last night’s player party. We mentioned Julie Whitworth’s epic night/morning earlier, and how it may have been responsible for her stack sinking to 10k back in Level 2. She has now had her stack further reduced to exactly zero, and has vanished from the tournament area.

Meanwhile another extreme reveller, Declan Rice, is really struggling. Spotted in the hotel bar around 4am, missing a couple buttons from his shirt and accusing certain MPN staff members of brazen cowardice as they scuttled into the elevator on their way to bed, Mr. Rice is now sitting on just 16.5k and has only just now managed to ingest some food – a gentle and inoffensive consomm√©, by the looks of it. Perhaps a little hair of the dog might be medicinal, we suggested. “To be honest, I can’t wait to get back to bed,” he confessed with a grimace. If things don’t improve, he may soon follow in the footsteps of Ms. Whitworth and be permitted to do just that.

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