Hand Sampler

With nearly every table full in Level 3 (100/200 blinds), there are a lot of hands going on simultaneously.  The glint of the top-denomination yellow 5k chips are what draws the eye, so here are a couple of rivers that got chips flowing:

A huge full-stack-ish jam (c.23,000) on the river from Alan Hayter on a board of 7c 7d Jd Kh Jc into a pot of a few thousand got a fold from opponent Stuart Lord.  Hayter showed K-7 and said that he was hoping his opponent held a jack.  “Then he scoops,” pointed out his tablemate.  “I just bombed out with aces over there,” the winner admitted, in the process admitting to the brain-scramble that can sometimes accompany such swift early exits/re-entries…

Anthony Cartwright bet out 6,550 (25k behind) into a pot of 10,000 on the river with a board of Qc Js 6c Kh…Qc.  Samuel Gilbert moved all-in for 15,325 (another outing for the Red Triangle of Risk) and Cartwright eventually folded, being shown a triumphant Jc 9c.

Another big river jam from an as yet un-ID-carded player (19k on the river of a 2d 3h 4c Kh 3c), which put Duane Sluis to the test for most of his stack.  He made the call, lost to pocket fours, and dropped to 5,000.

Also busto in the first three levels:

James Millman
Matti Sahinoja
Ryan O’Donnell
Aqeel Butt
Karl Collins

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