Halme Frozen Out By Snowmen

Antti Halme has had a disastrous time in the last hour or two, his previously impregnable-looking stack of 6.3 million reduced down to a far less impressive 3.2 million.

Halme must be ruing his encounters with pocket eights and when he got them once more, they conspired to extract a chunk of his stack and pass it to a tablemate.

This time, Halme saw Mänd shove from under the gun for 785,000, and made the call with 8s 8d – quite reasonably – only to run into Mänd’s pocket queens. Never lucky!

The board of Ah Jh Jd 4d 2c saw Mänd double through to 1,700,000 whilst Halme is now at 3.2 million and in danger of losing his chip lead. Can he find a way to reverse this downward spiral?

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